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Shakespeare's Spirituality: A Perspective An Interview With Dr. Martin Lings

DVD cover of Shakespeare's Spirituality: A Perspective An Interview With Dr. Martin LingsA true appreciation of Shakespeare's body of work, Dr. Lings tells us, means to not only see it on levels of literal or metaphorical meaning, but to understand it as many Elizabethan's would have, on the deeper esoteric levels. In this film, Dr. Lings thoughtfully takes us on a journey of understanding Shakespeare's magnum opus in a way which gives it new meaning and depth. He further suggests ways in which Shakespeare may be taught, produced and viewed in ways which enhance the depth of understanding and appreciation of William Shakespeare the man, and his works.

This film is the last surviving footage of Dr. Martin Lings in which he discusses his lifelong dedication to Shakespeare scholarship beginning with his days at Oxford University when he studied with the famous C.S. Lewis.

Comments and Reviews

"One of the great privileges of my life has been to know Dr. Martin Lings. He saw beneath the surface of things and helped us penetrate the veil behind which lies the sacred meaning to so many of life's mysteries."
HRH The Prince of Wales

"When Martin Lings saw a Shakespeare play performed for the first time, for several days afterwards he found himself "plunged into an extraordinary state of happiness" such as he had never experienced before. Which play was it that caused him such euphoria? It was Othello–not only a tragedy, but arguably the most heart-rending of all of Shakespeare's tragedies.

"How could such a sad play produce such joy? Dr. Lings, in this interview by Ira Zinman, illuminates his experience–which is surely shared by many who appreciate the works of Shakespeare–by explaining the nature of sacred art, in the context of an account of his own life's spiritual journey. The resulting film will be appreciated both by admirers of Lings, who will treasure this last footage of Dr. Lings before his death, and anyone who has experienced the sacred in a work of fiction and wondered how it can reside there."
Read the full review by Abigail Tardiff

Ira B. Zinman with Dr. Martin Lings.About the Producer and Director, Ira B. Zinman

Ira B. Zinman, a colleague of the renowned author Dr. Martin Lings, interviewed Dr. Lings concerning his lifelong devotion to the works of William Shakespeare. Dr. Lings' books and lectures on the spiritual elements found in Shakespeare's plays add an invaluable contribution to our understanding of the world's greatest author and his prose and poetry.

Ira B. Zinman has written on the Biblical and spiritual elements found in Shakespeare's Sonnets, while Dr. Lings' books and lectures focused on Shakespeare's Plays. Mr. Zinman is grateful and appreciative of the fact that Dr. Lings complimented him on the Sonnet writings, and referred to him as a colleague.

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